Your data privacy

The SORP-making body regularly undertakes consultations to help us develop and improve the SORP.  We will be changing our approach to future consultations to comply with the requirements to safeguard your personal information. In future consultations we will only be able to accept responses where respondents confirm that they have read and accepted our privacy notice and understand how your data is stored, processed and safeguarded by us. Safeguarding your personal data is important.

Data retention

We currently retain consultation responses for no more than seven years from the closing date of each consultation.

Our data privacy statement

Please view the statement here: (statement in development and not yet published)

Confidentiality of responses

We publish responses to consultations in accordance with the FRC Policy on developing Statements of Recommended Practice. Although we will respect requests for confidentiality, this is subject to our privacy notice, and our compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. To justify maintaining confidentiality, reference will be made to the reasons given and only if under the law the reasons given justify maintaining confidentiality will that information not be disclosed.